Me with my romance writing muse, Hugo Montmorency. (Some of you met him at RWA National in 2009).



Three of my Christmas short stories (two of which you may have read online) were selected for the Ohio Valley Romance Writers Association’s Christmas anthology, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. It’s available at SmashwordsBarnes & Noble and Amazon.

I was thrilled to find these reviews:

Kathy’s Review Corner #1

Kathy’s Review Corner #2

Kathy’s Review Corner #3

*I have been a slacker when it comes to writing this year. We just moved to Chicago after nearly 20 years in Cincinnati, and the move has pretty much taken over my life! We now live in the Hyde Park area of Chicago, with an amazing view of Lake Michigan. Best of all, I now see my amazing granddaughter, Adaline, almost every day. Here’s a picture of her with her daddy (my son Jon) at my niece’s wedding in June:


And here she is “walking on sunshine” at 10 months old:


Taken at my place about a month ago. She’ll be walking soon!


*Are you on Pinterest? I like to play there – join me!

*Thanks to Katie Weiland for inviting me to guest blog at Wordplay. My topic? What Would Agatha [Christie] Say

*Stop by Romance University sometime, if you get the chance. Some of the guests I’ve invited (we rotate weeks there) are ED GAFFNEY, ATHENA GRAYSONADAM FIRESTONE and SHANNON MCKENNA.

*Read about my journey as a writer at Romance University: “Turning Points are More Fun in Fiction.”

*Check out my short-short story, DEUS EX MACHINA, which is featured in NPR’s Three Minute Fiction contest, Round Three. Jonathan Railey/Iowa Writers’ Workshop called it “voice-driven, fun and meta-fictive,” adding, “It’s the literary equivalent of a basket of late night fried mozzarella cheese sticks.”

*Mystery author Janet Bolin interviewed me (under my real name) at Sisters in Crime.

*Night Visions is a finalist in the Launching a Star contest, romantic suspense category! Check out my contest and news page for a complete list of my contest finals.

*Jennifer Tanner and Carrie Spencer from Romance University invited me to play a 3-sentence writing game, and it got a little out of hand. You can read the results of our “Sanity Break” here.

*Michelle Buonfiglio liked my Christmas short story, SILVER AND GOLD, so much she featured it at Romance: B(u)y the Book on Friday, December 18, 2009. The following week my story was performed as a radio play on a Detroit radio station fundraiser.

*A friend dubbed this picture (below) The Beckinator – it was taken at OVRWA‘s weapons workshop with Adam Firestone in April 2012.

Becke with a US M-4 Carbine (Holding it wrong…)


*I’m sad I didn’t make it to Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together this year. It was for a good reason, though – a family reunion and my niece’s wedding in Chicago the same weekend. I’m homesick for my Cincinnati writing buddies, many of whom are in this video Lori took at Barnes & Noble in West Chester, Ohio. It’s an oldie but a goodie. (I’m pretty easy to identify – how many others can you spot?)



*I’ve taken a big step – I put THE GODDESS OF MICHIGAN AVENUE in the hands of a freelance editor I know and trust. I’ve been “learning by writing” but now I need professional advice so I can take the next step. This is scary but also exciting! I’m also polishing LET IT SNOW and doing another round of revision on RUBY STILETTO BLUES. I’m back in the writing groove again – at last!




Awhile back, I was lucky enough to have my website reviewed by Jordan McCollum and friends. They pointed out that as pretty and cheerful as my website was — kind of like a country kitchen — it didn’t really match what I’m writing now.

I started out writing light, contemporary romance that was a little weird and twisted and magical. I still write those, but lately I’ve been veering off into the paranormal and even more into romantic suspense. Yes, I have a dark side, too.

I also have a distinctly weird side. Check out my submission to Scott Eagan‘s Alien Vampire Bunny Contest over at Greyhaus Literary Agency. The voting is closed, but you can read the entries in a pdf file. Mine is RABBIT NOIR (it came in 2nd place).


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